Short and very wet day 23 of #juneathon!

Cold, wet, howling gale but still managed to drag myself to the village postbox and back.  Approximately a mile.

Now collapsed in front of the tele awaiting tea and possibly cake.


Day 20 of #juneathon heralded Sickness and Failure

Unbearably hot and stuffy in work today. Broke out in a sweat as soon as I moved away from the fan.  Really playing havoc with my Asthma.  Planned to go out for a walk at lunch as I had an hour but true to Welsh weather the heavens opened and torrential rain poured down so only managed to walk to the public library and back.

The afternoon just got hotter and hotter, and stuffier and stuffier.  Got to the point where breathing is difficult and I’m having to use my Ventolin inhaler as an emergency to my other medication.  Staying to the bitter end where I’m locking up and by this time I am really hungry too, not having had a proper break with fresh air.

Walking to the bus stop really took it out of me and it’s only about 100m if that.  Sipped water all the way home on the bus and then devoured a pot of tea, scone, biscuits and then my tea which consisted of linguine and salmon glazed with sweet chilli sauce.

Passed out after that and came too just in time for Britain’s Next Top Model and some great twitter snarking.  Headache just about gone and so has sick feeling.  Chest still tight though so need to alter inhaler medication to get me through the night.

I hate this.

Day 20 of Juneathon, where failure is just around the corner …

Day 19 was just too darn HOT! #juneathon

Today was just too hot.  Hot and muggy.  A deadly combination for me as I have difficulty regulating my body temperature.  Especially in stuffy, overwarm rooms which is where I found myself at lunchtime giving a quick presentation/workshop.  To get there was a trek across campus and I did the trip there and back twice.  The second time with a load of ipads as weight.  But just to call that as my exercise for Juneathon seemed a bit light.

So despite a killer headache by the time I got home at 6pm I power walked down to the village post box and back, approx just over a mile.  On return took my super concoction of painkillers, showered and then collapsed in a cold dark room (living room) one of the joys of living in a very old house with 2ft thick walls.  Colder inside than out!  Achieved a personal best score of 10 for a super napathon.

Day 19 of Juneathon, the one that was Just too darn hot!


(image from

Hotter than a hot hotty thing

I hate Tuesdays with a passion. I hate the fact that the top floor of where I work is like a bloody sauna despite having windows open, and despite there being an air handling system that is supposed to be blowing cold air.  It does bugger all.  I usually end up leaving work on a Tuesday looking like a sweaty beetroot which is SO not a good look.  And that’s before I’ve done any exercise.

Journey home on the bus which, despite all the windows being open, was still Hotter than a Hot Hotty thing as the heating was on full blast.

So when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was change into sweaty exercise gear and do any form of exercise which would make me even hotter and redder and sweatier!

But this is Juneathon and my audience expects ….

so for your entertainment I managed

2 sets of skippy stuff equating to 40 skips.

10 star jumps accompanied by grunting worthy of a Wimbledon finalist.

I then surrendered and collapsed into a ball of hot sweat which I managed to channel away from the pond.

Day 18 of #juneathon, the day I regretted not buying that Fred Perry towelling sweat head-band.

and lo! on day 16 of #juneathon, Sarah did Gardenathon

Well if you’re not prepared to count this as exercise then all hope is lost!

Slim chance of rain showers and we took a chance.  Gardenathon was ON.

Start time 10am

  1. Shift 5 timber sleepers from front of house to rear of house, negotiating furniture, light fittings and cats.
  2. Measure out timber sleepers for length of flower bed.
  3. shift gravel and level out where sleepers are to go.
  4. saw timber sleeper in half.
  5. bed down 3 sleepers at back of flower bed and replace gravel.
  6. Move 3ft high very large, very heavy, ceramic pot to back garden.
  7. fill pot and plant up large hydrangea.
  8. Dig out flower border and plant several shrubs.
  9. Lunch
  10. Move several large pots from front garden to side, including Spiky the Spruce.
  11. Move very large timber tub from one side of front patio to other (note, full of compost)
  12. Move Spiky the Spruce to other side of front patio.
  13. Lift all pots and empty drip trays.
  14. Plant timber tub with hardened off borage and marigolds.
  15. Clean front patio.
  16. Cuppa tea and scone with black cherry jam.
End time 5pm
sleepers in place and bedding looking great
Tall blue pot planted with blue hydrangea “Zorro”
all change at the front