This is me!


Printmaker, photographer and crafter living and working around the Llangollen area, North Wales. Inspired by nature, forms, patterns and colour.




The Padded Envelope is a mixture of work, personal, observations, opinions and anything else that interests me or amuses me.  It has changed over the years and now showcases work I’ve created and the creation process.

I procrastinate constantly on Twitter as @sarahgb.  I sort of run and exercise, particularly trail running in the mud, mountain biking and wild swimming.  I love reading and telling everyone about it, I like my bed and love my cat Alfie.

I love taking photographs and host a themed group – Challenge Friday – on flickr and more recently on Facebook too.

I have an etsy shop (coming soon!) where you can buy my lovely things and a Facebook page where I showcase my work as it happens. Drop in, you might catch a freebie giveaway.

My crafting takes the form of knitting, crochet, some needle felting and sewing.

I am constantly on the look out for the perfect handbag but suspect one day will create my own.




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