Day 20 of #juneathon heralded Sickness and Failure

Unbearably hot and stuffy in work today. Broke out in a sweat as soon as I moved away from the fan.  Really playing havoc with my Asthma.  Planned to go out for a walk at lunch as I had an hour but true to Welsh weather the heavens opened and torrential rain poured down so only managed to walk to the public library and back.

The afternoon just got hotter and hotter, and stuffier and stuffier.  Got to the point where breathing is difficult and I’m having to use my Ventolin inhaler as an emergency to my other medication.  Staying to the bitter end where I’m locking up and by this time I am really hungry too, not having had a proper break with fresh air.

Walking to the bus stop really took it out of me and it’s only about 100m if that.  Sipped water all the way home on the bus and then devoured a pot of tea, scone, biscuits and then my tea which consisted of linguine and salmon glazed with sweet chilli sauce.

Passed out after that and came too just in time for Britain’s Next Top Model and some great twitter snarking.  Headache just about gone and so has sick feeling.  Chest still tight though so need to alter inhaler medication to get me through the night.

I hate this.

Day 20 of Juneathon, where failure is just around the corner …


One thought on “Day 20 of #juneathon heralded Sickness and Failure

  1. polyxena2

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. And you are still blogging! I started doing #june both for myself and Collingwood Historical Society. I got really behind with both. In the last couple of days I have almost caught up for CHS but I am ten posts behind with my blog :(( Will I make the effort and do?

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