Day 19 was just too darn HOT! #juneathon

Today was just too hot.  Hot and muggy.  A deadly combination for me as I have difficulty regulating my body temperature.  Especially in stuffy, overwarm rooms which is where I found myself at lunchtime giving a quick presentation/workshop.  To get there was a trek across campus and I did the trip there and back twice.  The second time with a load of ipads as weight.  But just to call that as my exercise for Juneathon seemed a bit light.

So despite a killer headache by the time I got home at 6pm I power walked down to the village post box and back, approx just over a mile.  On return took my super concoction of painkillers, showered and then collapsed in a cold dark room (living room) one of the joys of living in a very old house with 2ft thick walls.  Colder inside than out!  Achieved a personal best score of 10 for a super napathon.

Day 19 of Juneathon, the one that was Just too darn hot!


(image from


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