Hotter than a hot hotty thing

I hate Tuesdays with a passion. I hate the fact that the top floor of where I work is like a bloody sauna despite having windows open, and despite there being an air handling system that is supposed to be blowing cold air.  It does bugger all.  I usually end up leaving work on a Tuesday looking like a sweaty beetroot which is SO not a good look.  And that’s before I’ve done any exercise.

Journey home on the bus which, despite all the windows being open, was still Hotter than a Hot Hotty thing as the heating was on full blast.

So when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was change into sweaty exercise gear and do any form of exercise which would make me even hotter and redder and sweatier!

But this is Juneathon and my audience expects ….

so for your entertainment I managed

2 sets of skippy stuff equating to 40 skips.

10 star jumps accompanied by grunting worthy of a Wimbledon finalist.

I then surrendered and collapsed into a ball of hot sweat which I managed to channel away from the pond.

Day 18 of #juneathon, the day I regretted not buying that Fred Perry towelling sweat head-band.


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