and lo! on day 16 of #juneathon, Sarah did Gardenathon

Well if you’re not prepared to count this as exercise then all hope is lost!

Slim chance of rain showers and we took a chance.  Gardenathon was ON.

Start time 10am

  1. Shift 5 timber sleepers from front of house to rear of house, negotiating furniture, light fittings and cats.
  2. Measure out timber sleepers for length of flower bed.
  3. shift gravel and level out where sleepers are to go.
  4. saw timber sleeper in half.
  5. bed down 3 sleepers at back of flower bed and replace gravel.
  6. Move 3ft high very large, very heavy, ceramic pot to back garden.
  7. fill pot and plant up large hydrangea.
  8. Dig out flower border and plant several shrubs.
  9. Lunch
  10. Move several large pots from front garden to side, including Spiky the Spruce.
  11. Move very large timber tub from one side of front patio to other (note, full of compost)
  12. Move Spiky the Spruce to other side of front patio.
  13. Lift all pots and empty drip trays.
  14. Plant timber tub with hardened off borage and marigolds.
  15. Clean front patio.
  16. Cuppa tea and scone with black cherry jam.
End time 5pm
sleepers in place and bedding looking great
Tall blue pot planted with blue hydrangea “Zorro”
all change at the front

3 thoughts on “and lo! on day 16 of #juneathon, Sarah did Gardenathon

  1. polyxena2

    Sounds like a lot of exercise to me! I am still trying with my 10k steps. Each week I am getting better so there is incremental change – averaging over 7k a day now. I was struggling to get to an average of 3k initially.

    1. sarahgb

      All sounds good to me. You’ll get there by slowly building up and then there’ll be no stopping you 🙂

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