#juneathon day 11 and a 12 hour shift …

left home at 7.30am this morning and got home at 8.30pm this evening.  Yep a 12 hour working day.  I do this once a fortnight and it takes a lot out of me so the thought of getting home and doing anything filled me with dread.

My alternative #juneathon exercise today was a brisk walk across campus to the shop to collect the newspapers for the Library, brisk walk back plus detour to reception and post room.  About 15 minutes in total.

Then a hike up 6 flights of stairs (approx 10 steps in each flight) to the third floor to take a faulty laptop to IT, and then walked down same said stairs.

So legs exercised, now to upper body.

Emptied and refilled laptop trolley (16 laptops) and netbook trolley (30 netbooks) twice.  Prepared 27 ipads or various classes which involves carrying all to and from trolleys and desk.

Stretching exercises for the arms included pinning posters to the notice boards and squats as I delved behind the photocopier/printers for stray paper thereby removing a fire hazard.

All in all a bit of circuit training heavily disguised as working 😉

And that was day 11 of #juneathon …


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