Day 10 of #juneathon where Sarah does skipping … again

A hard day at the cliff face today.  Forgot to make sure I had my usual supplies of diabetic friendly snacks on hand and by break at 10.30 am I was, as usual, starving.  Trip to canteen, shop and cafe came back with nothing except a non-diabetic friendly blueberry muffin!

Lunchtime went and returned some library books, popped round the corner to get my usual tuna on rye roll from Greggs and to my HORROR, it wasn’t there! The whole damn shop had been stripped out. I think it’s having a re-fit. But now where the hell was I going to get a tuna sandwich.  Fortunately remembered a little sandwich bar opposite the museum.  By the time I got my sandwich my half hour lunch break was nearly up so I had to eat it on the walk back.

I hate not having stuff to eat regularly, it really upsets my day so by the time I get home I’m so hungry I feel sick and gorge on totally the wrong stuff.

So this evening I really didn’t feel like setting off on a walk or a run or anything but needs must.  So put the trainers on, put the rediscovered sports bra on and grabbed the skipping rope.

Did 10 sets of 20 skips with a breather inbetween each set.  Total of 200 skips.

Knackered but happy I managed them and there’s lots of room for improvement.

So that was Day 10, couldn’t get anything decent to eat but managed to skip 200 times 😀


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