Trees, bridges and waterfalls … Day 9 #juneathon

Gorgeous start to the morning and persuaded husband to come for a walk with me.  Target was to follow part of the North Berwyn Way which runs parallel to the uphill mountain road in Glyndyfrdwy.

bear right

So instead of slogging up the never ending uphill road, bear right and follow the leafy green track.

Useful marking

The walk is marked whenever there is doubt about where the path goes.  No chance of getting lost on this walk.

First target is the old mill workings where they cut and carried the slate from the slate quarries higher up. After a narrow track the path opens up into a clearing after crossing a manmade slate bridge.

shady glen

and here is the first interpretation board,

Moving the slate

Here you bear left to head to the old mill workings in a gorgeous setting.

site of mill

and another interpretation board…

cutting the slate

Here you can explore more of the area or continue up the track up a steep hill and head for the new bridge.  We decided to head on up and see how far we could get before muddy conditions prevented further exploration.  Didn’t expect a fallen tree across the track but it was fun clambering over it.  Here the brook falls steeply creating some lovely waterfalls. Also helped by the fact that the quarry workers channelled it and created weirs and sluices to build a head of water to turn the water wheel further down at the mill.

small man made weir
man made sluice and weir

Made it to the second bridge, but any further was still too muddy and wet underfoot to continue so we retraced our steps home.

2 miles, lovely weather, got accosted by two very enthusiastic dogs who’d been for a swim!

Logged at Runningfreeonline.



2 thoughts on “Trees, bridges and waterfalls … Day 9 #juneathon

  1. polyxena2

    Making Juneathon fun is the way to go! Photos are great. It seens a lovely walk. You live in a beautiful place.

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