A hop, skip and a jump … Day 8 #juneathon

Was going to hike up the mountain nice and early like last Saturday, but my bed was just toooooo cosy.  Went shopping to Homebase and walked from one end of Wrexham to the other, no idea how far but took about half an hour.  Then walked back again to the car laden down with shopping bags.  Nice and easy stroll, but that’s not my #juneathon log and blog.

It’s been a SCORCIO! kind of a day and I don’t find running or even walking seriously in the heat favourable to my asthma however many inhalers I use.  I usually wait until the heat has gone from the day.  But we have a lovely tea to look forward to and I’ve treated myself to a mini bottle of Prosecco, so …..

I finally dug out my old skipping rope.  I used to be extremely good at skipping and could go for hours skipping and doing tricks etc, but after 10 minutes I was wheezing like an old wheezy thing! But it did feel good and I can work a little everyday to build up stamina.

Persons of a weak disposition may like to look away now, action shots of me are never pretty 😉

Riverdance with rope?
Note the pointed toes!

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