Where cake and naps stopped play …

Came home full of good intentions, set out to attempt The Plank again but this time with excellent video footage sourced by @runningsog.  It’s here if you want to see – over50diabetic

So assuming the position, toes and knees on floor, forearms on floor, stomach and upper body off floor.  And that’s where things got a bit tricksy.  My excuse is I have a very dodgy left shoulder.  12 months ago I had physio and stuff for a damaged  rotator cuff thingy, unfortunately despite initially getting better, it’s got worse over the last few months and I can’t put any weight on it.  Sometimes it’s ok, but tonight it did not want to play.  So The Plank or even The Half Plank got ditched and I did 50 ab crunches instead.

Rolled over after finishing and curled up and just rested my eyes.  Fatal! 10 minutes later and I’m challenging for the Napathon.  Dragged my butt of the floor and headed to the kitchen for a healthy cranberry juice and ended up with a homemade scone and jam …. oops!

Day 7 of #juneathon ….. not my finest hour 😉


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