A bit of up and down

Day 2 of Juneathon and again an early start, although getting out of bed at an insane hour was a lot harder today.  Again the sun shone and the skies were clear and blue. Yesterday I settled on a target which was a stroll to most people, but today I wanted to go further. Possibly up to the second cattle grid but that is rather a long trek uphill.  Did I mention the uphill bit, it’s a lot of uphill!

Views were still as stunning and I saw no-one except a few sheep and lambs scattered long the mountain road.  I managed 1.61 miles uphill before my calf muscles called a halt, going down was again a relief until the long trek downhill began to pall on my toes and thighs.  Boy was I glad to see home again.  True to form the weather lasted until about 11am and the clouds rolled in along with a cold wind.  Once again I think the decision to go early morning was good, definitely the best of the weather.  Back at work tomorrow and I think I might attempt a plank and some ab crunches for Day 3.

Stats for the walk are at runkeeper and runningfreeonline but I particularly like the elevation graphic off Garmin …

a bit of a hill …

Photos as usual

Gorse looking lovely
looking up!
looking down!
road block!
that’s far enough for my calves!


heading back

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