Day 1 of Juneathon!

Juneathon is where I do some form of exercise everyday, log it and then blog about it.  It’s the perfect motivation to get back into the exercise habit.  Today is Day 1 and I woke up bright and early at 6am. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky although it did look a bit breezy.  So I took the decision to go now, well after a bit of breakfast and rehydration.  I decided to go up the mountain rather than slog along the A5, mainly because the views are stunning.

As I set off up the mountain I realised perhaps this wasn’t the best decision.  Breathing was laboured within a few minutes and I just wanted to turn round and go home, but I remembered training from last year.  Don’t stop, just slow down, which was excellent advice.  I did stop occasionally to take photos and they are below.

The mountain road goes for miles and it’s all uphill until the road meets the forest track.  I wasn’t going that far and planned to get as far as the cattle grid, which this time last year took me about 10 – 15 minutes on a hot day.  It took me twice that time today!  Shows how unfit I am.

Once there the views are stunning.  A great reward for setting off at the crack of dawn.  The air is that much clearer, the heat of the day hasn’t settled in and I saw no-one.

Coming back was a breeze.  A short walk out and a walky run back.  The only disappointment was that the Garmin didn’t work in that it didn’t plot my route.  This maybe because it couldn’t pick up the satellites past a certain point but I’ll check it tomorrow.  Day 1 logged with Runkeeper and RunningFree.

Looooong slog uphill all the way!
Halfway to cattle grid and the views are as stunning as the morning weather.
Target achieved 🙂
Hard work getting here but the views are totally worth it 🙂
Downhill all the way, relief!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Juneathon!

  1. polyxena2

    Well done! Lovely fotos and weather and good on you for getting back on the exercise challenge:)

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