Catch up! March – Tintern weekend

Tintern views

Tintern weekend is a follow on from the Needlefelting workshop at CinderHill Farm with Gretel Parker.  The journey from where I live is a long one and I didn’t feel like driving there and back in a day so booked in at a B&B.  Now that’s probably where I went wrong.  I normally book into a hotel.  Hotels have a certain anonymity about them.  You can shut yourself in your room and be as antisocial as you like.  You can studiously ignore everyone at breakfast and only talk in words of one syllable to the receptionist at check in and check out.  But no. I thought let’s go to a B&B, it’s a LOT cheaper.

After the workshop finished and we said our goodbyes, I headed a little further south to Tintern and to my B&B.  The property itself was up a hill with no car access which meant parking in a designated area just off the main road.  This was fine.  Parked no problem.  Very nice welcome from the landlady if a little gushing though.  Until I mentioned the part where I’d like an evening meal as described on their website in their restaurant for residents.  Ah yes, but we need at least 24 hours notice if you want an evening meal.  I was a little taken aback since this is not mentioned on their website, nor were you given any option about notification of dinner plans at the time of booking.  But to give her her due, she did recommend a few other places to eat.

So off to my room.  Which was very twee, very chintzy but had the most glorious views of the river and an extremely comfortable bed.  Such a shame about the overpowering smell of airfreshener which was plugged into the electrical socket outside my room.  It was so overpowering I had to have my window open all night just to be able to breathe without additional medication from my Ventolin inhaler!  But it’s only for one night and I’ve coped with much, much worse.

Having phoned R. I then decided to get an early dinner as I wanted to get to bed pretty early as I was really tired.  In the end I chose to eat at The Anchor which is as close to Tintern Abbey as you can get!  Their restaurant was fully booked but there was room at the bar and I was made to feel really welcome.  I was a little early so had a cup of tea and free snacks were provided which was really lovely. My dinner consisted of the following:

Lamb Shank


Fruit crumble and icecream

The great thing about eating here was the view when leaving in darkness.  An illuminated Tintern Abbey.

Floodlit Tintern Abbey

Replete and dead tired, I made my way back to the B&B and oh great! All the parking spaces were gone, so I parked in the space next to a garage.  BIG MISTAKE! Got told firmly by the B&B I couldn’t park there even though I would be gone by the time they opened in the morning.  They suggested I park up the incline to their property but that was impossible in my little car! We compromised by me suggesting a parking space which turned out to be an extra one of their neighbours, who begrudgingly allowed me to park there.  Now if the cars of the guests of the B&B had parked properly in the first place, there would have been space for my little car.

Anyway.  Car parked, off to bed.  Had to have my window open wide to combat the awful stink of the air freshener on the landing.  Fortunately the bed was very comfy and I dropped off no problem.

Breakfast was lovely, although there seemed to be some confusion about when I said I didn’t want any eggs, I was brought scrambled.  So that went back.  Needless to say I was glad to go, but I didn’t go home immediately.  I went to that fantastic secondhand bookshop in Tintern called Stella’s.  What a great place, I got on so well with the gentleman looking after the shop chatting about books that I got a guided tour around the rare books for sale.  Held in my hands a first edition Winnie the Pooh.  I spent all my specially saved pennies and drooled over some magnificent books.

All too soon I had to make the journey home and leave the lovely books, and this time found the proper comfort stop in Hereford!

My next trip to Tintern will be when I saved up more special pennies to buy something from the rare books collection 🙂

One of the books I bought:

Book of the Roads





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