Is it so hard …

“Is it so hard to acknowledge my presence?

Is it so hard to answer my question?

Is it so hard to say that it’s over?

Among hundreds why do I feel so alone?

Why do you find it easy to blank me?

How do you find it so easy to hurt?

Do you realise the pain you cause me?

Perhaps now is the time to go.”

Feelings have been building a while about online relationships within Twitter and this about sums up how I feel about it at the moment. It’s a love hate relationship and everyday I contemplate deactivating my account.  Truly there are some people I would miss but I can contact them by email or phone or hop on a train for a proper hug.  Some I would make sure I could contact because I wouldn’t want to lose that connection.  Others, well there is always facebook.

But I always chicken out at the last minute.  Someone says something very funny, someone posts the cutest kitteh pic, and then there’s the fact that I’d miss all the news about what’s going on.  I wouldn’t miss the blanking and ignoring.  I wouldn’t miss the nastiness that I see growing daily. I have very little time to connect during the day and cherish connections when I can, and yet when those connections don’t happen a little bit of me is sad.

So I’m off to cuddle some kittehs and throw another log onto the burner, and if you see me on Twitter, say hi once in a while.


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