Catch up! March – National Portrait Gallery

Early March and we’re off on another London jaunt on another first class jolly!  This time to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Man Ray portraits.

 We caught the very early train which meant we were in London by 9.30am and pretty much first in the queue waiting for the National Gallery to open!  We prebooked our tickets but were mega early so went to the basement cafe in the NPG for refreshments.  What a lovely place.  Us and a few other early birds, so quiet and lovely soft jazz playing in the background. AND adjacent the bookshop. What more could a librarian want. 

Having refreshed ourselves we had a quick look on the upper floors and marvelled at some of the fantastic portraits.  Bookmarked the early Tudors and Stuarts to see after lunch too.

And then it was time to see the Man Rays.  Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs.  Such inspiration although I do have to take the exhibition staging to task.  Too small a space for the amount of traffic through and too hot.  The exhibition is on until 27th May if you want to see it.  I highly recommend it because there are some fantastic photos very evocative of the era.

Lunch was spent in AllBarOne, don’t ask me where, I have no idea apart from it was within 15 mins walk of the NPG.

After lunch we returned to the NPG to look at my favourite era of art which is the Tudor and Stuarts.  I love this era.  The art is so detailed, especially in the working of material on the fashion of the time.  Such a shame no photographs can be taken, and as always, there are never any postcards of the ones I like.  Oh well. 

After all this culture we felt in need of fresh air and decided to walk down to the Houses of Parliament to catch the tube back to Euston.  On the way we saw:

tourist buses
New monuments
Fountains (and sunshine)

and of course Big Ben.  Although wordpress won’t let me upload the photo! but follow this link to remind yourselves what it looks like 😉

Journey home was long and as we approach Spring and Summer it looks like the dirt cheap first class deals are over, so we’ll be heading elsewhere for our cultural fixes.  Next stop Liverpool.


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