Catch up! February – Orchids

February was a whirlwind of going places, that’s a lot of travelling rather than “going places” career wise!  Early February saw me in London on a bitterly cold day at the Kew Orchid Festival.  An interesting journey, train down was fine, but most of the Tube was closed due to engineering works which meant I had to catch a bus! The tube journey would’ve been a few minutes but the bus journey took ages … and was also cold.  But onto the main attraction, the Orchids.  It was also a chance to meet up with some of the members of the flickr group I belong to which was great.  The orchids were fantastic, so many colours, so many flowers, gorgeous smells.  It was lovely to visit Kew but next time I go I’ll take R. with me and make sure we spend the whole day there.  The last time I visited Kew, the glass house where the orchids were, hadn’t been built! Yes, that long ago.  In fact it was probably when I was living in London last century 😉  You can say things like that when you are as old as I am.

Vibrant orchid

In addition to all the glorious orchids, we had time to wander through the temperate glasshouses with all the ferns and architectural palms.  The perfect place on a very cold day.

Victorian Splendour housing architectural palms

And to make the day even more fantastic, in amongst the Orchids were some very lovely dragons!

Chinese Water Dragon, enjoying a bit of water!

All in all, a fantastic day, great to meet up with old and new friends and a lovely comfy journey on the train courtesey of heavily discounted first class travel 🙂


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