On the 12th day …. #blog12daysxmas Day 12

Toshihide Migita (1863 - 1925)
Toshihide Migita (1863 – 1925)

This was written in draft form yesterday on the train home from a VERY long day trip to London.  In my excessively tired state, at that point I’d been awake for 16hs and no napping, I accidentally pressed the undo button and it wiped the whole post. By the time we got home, just had time to down some soup and toast before passing out.  I’ve now had 10 and a half hours sleep and think I’m just about ready to try to recreate the post … maybe.

Off in the morning to catch the 5.51am train to London, well with 2 changes at Chester and Crewe, but you get the drift.  It was insanely early.  Lovely ride down on the train thanks to a deal of massive proportions on first class tickets, £192.50 single reduced to £33.  Too good an opportunity to miss.

Went mainly to see an exhibition at Tate Modern showcasing the incredible talent of William Klein and Daido Moriyama and we were not disappointed. Lots to see and lots of inspiration particularly from watching a short video interviewing Daido Moriyama.  What an incredible man.  Now 73, still walks the streets to take pictures, and the most incredible piece I take away from the whole day, he uses a compact camera.  It’s unobtrusive, people aren’t scared of it, and it enables him to shoot from the hip.

The morning was spent at the Tate and we thought we’d have lunch at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  OMG, what a nightmare. It was heaving, not a seat to be had, and there were still loads of people wandering round aimlessly with full trays of food and drink looking for somewhere to sit.  By this time I was on my knees with hunger, sugar levels were dangerousy low (diabetic lady klaxon) and when I’m in that state I get irritable, overheat and cry. So had to make emergency exit and find somewhere to eat fast while munching emergency glucose tablets!  Foursquare came to the rescue and off we went to find the Greenfield Cafe on Exhibition road.  Great little cafe crammed into an incredibly small space.  Wonderful, friendly helpful staff who took in this mess of a starving woman and dealt with my request for fresh orange juice asap all in their stride.  I highly recommend you visit and have a slice of apple pie.

We originally were hoping to visit the Ballgowns exhibition and Hollywood costume but no joy.  So we went to the new Furniture Gallery, now that was lovely but I would have liked to have seen more.  The displays were a bit weird too.  We wandered through the Ceramics galleries and marvelled at early Celadon china.  Gorgeous.  Stumbled on the Japan artefacts and marvelled at the skill of Japanese craftsmen.

Oak staircase from Morlaix
Oak staircase from Morlaix

Then glimpsed up the stairs from Korea, a spiral staircase.  This was the Medieval section and we saw some fantastic pieces saved from houses from 16th and 17th century Europe.

By this time both of us were flagging so we headed back to Euston to find somewhere to just sit, and found the first class Virgin lounge.  A haven of peace and quiet.  Just enough to refresh us for the journey home.

All in all a good day, but when we do it again we need to plan it all a bit better!

Tiger and young
Tigress and young

2 thoughts on “On the 12th day …. #blog12daysxmas Day 12

  1. stepgreg

    Wow. What a day! Have you been to the Oriental Museum at Durham Uni? Think you’d like it!!! Fab destination for a short break

    1. sarahgb

      Yes, we visited some years ago now, it was fantastic. Have always planned to go back and spend more time there 🙂

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