pretties …. #blog12daysxmas Day 10

I love coming home and finding a huge parcel waiting for me on the kitchen table 🙂 Today saw the arrival of my yarn for my 2013 knitting project, a skyscarf.  I saw this on twitter some time ago from leafcutterdesigns and wanted to do it for 2012 but never got around to it, but with the timely post by @bonitoclub about his 2012Skyscarf, I decided now was the time to get started.

Leafcutter designs also sold packs of sky colours but after all this time they were sold out, but Tony mentioned in his blog he had used Rowan Felted Tweed Dk yarn which is lovely yarn to work with and has flecks of colour in the wool. So after a quick trawl of online wool sites I found LaughingHens.  (excellent service and speedy delivery by the way)

I’d been thinking about colours for the sky and clouds, Here in North Wales we don’t often get cobalt blue skies clear of cloud, but we do get a lot of cloud and stunning sunrises and sunsets.  I liked the idea of introducing a slither of tangerine into the mix. Our stormy days often throw up spectacular cloud formations and colours bordering on the bruised purple colours.

So armed with an idea of colours I picked the following

Welsh Skyscarf

Sky colours

  • 152 Watery
  • 165 Scree
  • 167 Maritime
  • 173 Duck Egg

Cloud colours

  • 177 Clay
  • 159 Carbon
  • 179 Horizon

with 166 Tangerine for sunrises.  I also 

  • treated myself to a brand new pair of needles made out of Bamboo.

I haven’t started it yet though, I need to sit down and work out how I’m going to use the colours and the combinations for days when there are different colours in the sky.  I’m using sky conditions in the morning on the way to work, which is where I’ll pick up the tangerine accent.  I’m not going to carry the knitting around with me, I just don’t have that many arms to juggle the multiple balls of wool, but I am going to create a colour chart of yarn to carry in my handbag and note in my diary so I can knit it up in the evening.

I can’t wait to get started and shall blog progress.  I did have another idea for a scarf but shall blog about that when I’ve made it.


2 thoughts on “pretties …. #blog12daysxmas Day 10

  1. Tony

    I think your morning colours skyscarf is going to be brilliant, will watch through the year to see your progress!

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