Winter Stroll: Day 3 #blog12daysXmas

After two days of inactivity, today was timetabled “get your arse of the sofa and get some fresh air” day.  So we headed off to even further North Wales, to Bodnant Garden which is a National Trust garden.  Traditionally this has always closed over the Winter season and doesn’t reopen until Spring.  But this year everything has changed.  Bodnant Garden announced it would be opening on 27th December 2012 so everyone could enjoy the garden in Winter.  They even consructed and planted a special Winter Garden.  Obviously some parts were closed due to health and safety (wet slippy steps, ponds, etc) but there were still some great walks and some amazing scenery to enjoy.  It was very exciting to be there on the first day, even ITV Wales were there!  As per usual I took loads of photos but managed to cull it down to below 100.  The full set can be found on my flickr but here are a few of my favourites

A touch of colour!
Hobbit dwelling
Turbulent forces

2 thoughts on “Winter Stroll: Day 3 #blog12daysXmas

  1. If you want to see more colour outside your own kitchen window, Bodnant Garden is definitely the place to visit. Its amazing how many things are in flower and all the other ways of adding colour to the garden. Take a camera and remember to photograph the plant labels so you know which varieties they are.

  2. Tony

    It looks beautiful and is definitely on my list of places to visit one day! I was born just along the coast in Colwyn Bay.

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