#blog12daysXmas Day1

Compared to the last 4 Christmas Days, this has been the most uneventful …. and that’s a good thing. Suffice to say that due to past events at Christmas I no longer enjoy it as much as I used to. However! Today was lovely. A very lazy start saw us getting breakfast late and enjoyed completing a crossword and quiz together over the breakfast table. Before we opened our presents though, we gave the cats’ theirs. They have loads of toys, but thanks to the twitter network I found some fantastic catnip toys, which are basically pure catnip. Let’s just say the next hour (yes an hour!) was hilarious. They absolutely loved them. Alfie loved his so much he drooled all over it, I picked it up at one point and it was soaking wet. Because the catnip got wet it stained the cloth too! It was so lovely to watch them. Yes, we opened our presents and yes they were all lovely. But for me the memorable part of the day was watching our cats having the most fun. They’ve slept the rest of the day away.




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