twitter “revisited” … still addicted

from Meck’s Blog

Thing 4 is about Twitter, RSS feeds and Storify.  Last year we looked at Pushnote rather than Storify and I can honestly say I haven’t looked at Pushnote since doing the blogpost!  Last year’s post was this.

So, using Twitter as current awareness.  Yes.  Absolutely.  If I hadn’t’ve been on Twitter I would not have

  • found some fantastic friends
  • discovered mashed library unconferences
  • discovered courses to attend
  • found out about volunteering opportunities
  • discovered new tools to promote our LRC
  • discovered new tools to help set up current awareness feeds to our subject tutors
  • followed various conferences at my desk using the conference hashtag
  • discovered flickr groups and set up my own groups co administered with a librarian from Australia.
  • taken on interesting projects using ideas from Twitter.
  • attended Library Camp.
  • pushed myself to present at events.
  • the list is pretty much endless.

Without the connections, information, ideas and networking that Twitter brings, I would not be doing what I do today.  For me Twitter is a lifeline and I can’t imagine my life without it, or some future form of it.

by Phan Van An

RSS feeds – hmmm in my blog post last year I mentioned I revisited RSS feeds. Yes I did, but then promptly forgot about them.  The thing is, I forget to look at the reader.  It’s another site to visit whereas if you subscribe to the site or blog by email, then as you are already reading your email, you’ll see the new information without going anywhere new. I’m basically lazy and like all my information in one place.  Which is why I’ve pretty much ditched RSS feeds and use good old email subscriptions.

from Endue blog

Storify – I’ve come across this tool before but mainly as a tool to pull together twitter stories which, by it’s very nature, will be all over the place as themes, plot and storyline can get out of sync due to time zones across the World.  Storify can pull together all of these to create a more cohesive story.  I’d not considered it a way to pull together conference tweets or tweets with certain hashtags.

Current Awareness – considering other tools


I have explored a couple more tools with current awareness in mind, one is  very simple to use, just sign up, visit a load of websites and pull in the RSS feeds to create an ever updating list of websites.  We’ve used this at work for a couple of the subject areas and while it worked at first, it has since refused to play ball and won’t let us log in.  I can use it at home, but there comes a limit to how much time I’m prepared to spend on stuff that really should be done at work.  Two of the collections we created were

Geology  and Physics

More recently while browsing more blogs for “blogs revisited” I came across

from iTeach cafe blogspot

I’ve been a bit wary of these sites that use a newspaper or magazine style mainly because we can’t access them at work.  But, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any restriction on  It really is very easy to use and can be used for any topic so would make a great tool for current awareness, providing a fun way to pull together information.  It’s so new I’m still in the playing mode, creating stuff for myself before I unleash it at work.  So far I have one topic under the magazine name of The Furry Paw.  It’s a bit of fun! I promise to get more serious for the next one 😉

Other platforms we’ve been exploring at work to keep ourselves up to date with current awareness and to share what we have learnt is Pinterest and wikispaces.  Pinterest I use extensively, particularly to create short book reviews on  what I’ve just read, but the pinterest account for work does not seem to have taken off.  Wikispaces seems to be working much better for us and has grown in the number of pages of information we are all adding to it.

Current awareness is all about keeping up to date, getting the information as soon as it is available, unfortunately in this ever changing mercurial world, the platforms on which to do this keep changing too.  New ones pop up everyday which is why, for me, Twitter is the first place I look for news, ideas, information, links to stuff I need to know about.  The rest follow, some stay, some fall by the wayside and we move on.


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