Branding “revisited”

Ah yes, Thing 3 was the thing about Personal Branding which had everyone talking.  This was my post last year “All about me” .

Since then I’ve thought more about my online presence and have tried hard to tie in all my blogs and accounts with the same avatar.  So even if my username is not what you expect you should be able to recognise me from my photo.  I do try to get my username to sarahgb, but if it is taken I use serengb.  As close as I can get it to my name …. and seren is Welsh for star!

In the last few months I have also unlocked my Twitter account.  It’s been protected for about 12 months, but I felt I was putting real people off requesting to follow.  The only requests I was getting were from spam accounts!  Perversely, since opening up the account I get very few real spam follows.  Some I consider before following back, and more often than not, these drop away.  But I have had a lovely large batch of new followers, so I’ve kept it open.

I still have my MOO cards which link in with my Flavors page and I actually gave a few out over the past few weeks.

But back to branding.  Gave Googling myself a refresh and came up with the following results, scarily!

  • Sarah Barker – calls up Sarah Barker on facebook and linkedin, but these aren’t me.  Further down the first page is Sarah Barker (@sarahgb) on Twitter, which is me.
  • Sarah G Barker – again calls up a facebook account which isn’t me!  I do, however, appear in a tweet by @smilylibrarian further down the page!!!
  • sarahgb – of the first 10 entries, 8 of them refer to me and I’m top of the list with my twitter account, followed by wordpress and flickr.  No sign of facebook. On the second page (and who goes to page 2 on a google search!) shows up more of my blogs, flickr, librarything and fotolog.  Why I set up a fotolog account I have no idea, and it won’t let me delete the account, so if any of you out there know how to do this I would be grateful.  The fotolog instructions lie!
I still tag everything and link a lot of the accounts.  I like to use as it simply pulls all my online presences together.  Netvibes is also very useful but I am just as bad at updating that as I am writing blog posts.  We’re back to the time thing aren’t we.  
I think what I’m trying to say is that personal branding is just that.  It’s personal to you.  You have to make the choice of how you are going to present yourself online be it professional, personal or a mix of both.  I prefer a mixture because it achieves the right balance for me.  I wouldn’t be who I am without one or the other, bringing professional elements to my personal life and personal touches to my professional “persona”.  I couldn’t present a facade as I’d forget who I was supposed to be!
I’m a lot happier with this branding this year, but that’s because I consciously approached every account I set up with the aim of achieving continuity.  Same avatar, same username, pretty much the same bio.  It’s a difficult thing to get your head around but once you have sorted the hows, the rest will slot into place.

One thought on “Branding “revisited”

  1. Not surprisingly googling “Llordllama” pretty much finds…me and not much else. I’m a big fan of using the same online handle, as the LL brand is pretty much about me. Though I have a few older accounts on some early social platforms (that I still use sporadically) with a more goosey alias. Problem is I don’t just want to switch them to the new name…as they kinda had their own life and indentity!

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