CPD23 Things “revisited”

The self-directed professional developement course CPD23 Things has started again this year albeit at a slower pace than last year.  I completed last year in with a mix of highs and lows and got a shiny certificate to add to my folder and to brag about. 

So why revisit?  Well I really enjoyed the group support, camaraderie and buzz about the course.  It was fun (and at times frustrating!) to explore new things, but some of the Things I couldn’t spend a huge amount of time playing with due to lack of time, lack of inclination in some cases! and for some the fail of technology, either my laptop, which is seriously old and decrepid, or work technology being on an old browser, notably IE and IE7 at that.  So I thoughtI would revisit my cpd23 blog posts and see if I can up date them, give a bit of reflection on them.  I think it might be useful for others venturing into the world of cpd23 to see what we did too.  And to provide help and support to anyone who needs it.

So this was my post for Thing 1 https://sarahgb.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/thing-1-here-we-go/ and for Thing 2 https://sarahgb.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/thing-2-where-we-get-to-go-visiting/ and I can still say I am an inconsistant blogger.  I have lots of ideas for blog posts but just not the time to do them, which I am working on.  Since CPD23 I do follow a lot more blogs and have subscribed to some of them so I get email notifications when they are updated.  This does save a lot of time.  I tend to visit other people’s blogs if it appears in their twitter bio.

I regularly read these blogs and note, not all of these are library people.  I don’t read the “newspapers” that appear on the twitter timeline because, despite network updates, I still can’t access them!

There are other blogs but I tend to read them when people post a new blogpost link.  Since CPD23 I have set up more personal blogs to document my personal life and journey.  The main one being NoCakeforSarah which has been sadly neglected of late and really needs me to update it. And the same for my sketching blog Sketches from a Silk Box which is really neglected.  Must do better!!  Comes back to that old chestnut, not enought time in the day.


9 thoughts on “CPD23 Things “revisited”

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  2. VJ

    I’m doing cpd23 for the first time this year, Sarah so it’ll be interesting to have a perspective from someone who’s done it before.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Like you I’m also re-doing the CPD23 course this year, and for much the same reasons! I didn’t get to look at all the things in as much depth as I’d have liked, and I knew I just wouldn’t find the time to revisit them without the structure of following the course. Plus I thought the camaraderie of taking part was one of the highlights!


  4. Interesting approach to this Sarah. I missed a lot of CPD23 last year because I moved house in the middle of it and was without internet access at home for 4 months and I’ve been contemplating filling in the blanks this time round. If you don’t mind I might copy the format you are using?

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