Catch up!

The cat's sitting on my work!

My life seems to be on “permanent catch-up” mode at the moment.  Project deadlines, new things on the horizon, trip away bookings, studying and of course, not to mention blogging, exercising, and reading.

Give something up! I hear you cry, but all of this is self imposed, well most of it.  I have lots of excuses why I can’t do things, like, the laptop keeps crashing, I’m tired/cold/hungry/fed up, the sun’s shining, the cat’s sitting on my work or more recently “I don’t understand/I can’t do this.”

But these are mere excuses, procrastination, anything other than actually sitting down and planning what I need to do.  Which is why this weekend I Really need to sit down and plan what I’m doing with deadlines.  Which is why I’m sitting writing a blog post about how I’m feeling and not actually planning anything!

I thoroughly blame access to the internet, twitter, facebook (I’ll just have one more go with Words with Friends and then I’ll get down to it, becomes a half hour bonanza with 3 friends and getting no flipping vowels and really! how many Zs are there in a match).

And don’t even mention the washing, ironing, cleaning and getting the house ready for a friend to visit later in the month!  I used to be so good at planning, knuckling down and getting things done.  It’s all a bit up in the air these days.  Is it taking on too many things?  am I over reaching my abilities? or am I just really too tired and can’t be bothered?  My brain says “go for it” and my body and state of mind says “forget it! it’s too hard”.  Somewhere there is a happy medium, I just need to get my mojo back and this weekend is it.

I’ll just have a cup of tea first ……



3 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. Do what you love first and it will give you energy to tackle the rest. However, when I do what I love I find myself not really needing to do everything I put on my list. Good post.

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