Library day in the life 8 – Thank god it’s Thursday

Frosty times

Ffffffreezing cold day, and I mean seriously cold.  First time ever that I’ve worn my woolly scarf all day at work.

Morning was spent tutoring and supporting our work experience student while she started to take on basic duties.  She’ll be fine once she works out what the students are saying.  We all reassured her that it wasn’t her, that we found students hard to decipher at times too.  Students do have a habit of mumbling!!!

This afternoon was spent on the top floor of the LRC. This is the quiet study floor.  I managed to tweet about the afternoon but the following encapsulates what I did.

  • tackled the 900s shelving, which also included tidying up and reshelving after students had “attacked” Russian history!
  • Filled staplers with staples.
  • caught up with emails.  Particularly interested in one from Quick Reads.  We ordered reading sets of each new 2012 book which we use with community reading groups.  Liked the title of one of the new books “Quantum of Tweed“.
  • Researched our current staff reading group book “Crooked Little Vein” for ideas that I can use when we meet next to discuss the book.
  • Spent time looking at Gardners Independent Book shops website  with a view to discussing further with manager about launching our bookshop on there.  Listed advantages and disadvantages from users perspective and from a bookseller perspective.  On paper it looks really advantageous.  But needs a lot more discussion.

No late night on a Thursday which meant herding people out of the LRC by 5pm.  On such a cold night there were a few reluctant stragglers but my colleague and I were away by 5.05pm.

Treated myself to a Chai Latte from Cafe Nero and an Apple and Pecan nut muffin.  Very naughty but I’ll run it off over the weekend!

Friday tomorrow and one of two Internet Safety Awareness training day events.  Lots of stuff to do which means it will be really busy.


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