Library Day in the Life 8 Here comes Tuesday!

Uneventful ride into work on the bus, but arrived at work in freezing conditions.  Left my scarf on and my fingerless gloves and hugged a heater for most of the morning.

Today was a day of two halves.

First half was spent tutoring our lovely work experience person on all things to do with desk management, which included returns, issues and renewals, housekeeping, PC bookings using MyPC, print credit topups and password resets.  Also stock maintenance for our bookshop including ordering.  Printer maintenance and collection points for LRC post and papers.  I could see her eyes glazing over by about 11am.  Tomorrow I’ll be observing and she will be doing.

Second half – some time was spent in the basement checking on the condition of the Express Yourself exhibits and associated notes.  Also trying to match what was there with the inventory downloaded from the website.  Some of the exhibits are truly magnificent, very creative.  I only hope our students will appreciate the creativity and workmanship that has gone into the making of some of these.  Anyway, brought everything up to the ground floor and started laying out the exhibits, changing my mind, rearranging and starting again.  By 4.30 I was pretty happy with the layout and started on all the labelling.  Also decided that some of the information needs to be reprinted and refreshed, so I’ll work on that tomorrow.  Hopefully by the afternoon everything will look great and that I have done enough to do the exhibition justice.

More fun capers with me tomorrow.


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