Library Day in the Life Round 8 – Monday

Yes it’s that time of year again.  A chance to let non-library folk catch a glimpse of what we do all day.  Hint – it’s not all shelving and stamping books!  It’s now Library Day in the Life round 8 and this will be my fifth foray into the project.  My previous encounters were all blogged, twittered and last year photographed.  Just use the search term librarydayinthelife and you’ll find them including links.

The view from my desk, opposite is where I'm putting the Express Yourself exhibition.

Briefly, I work in an FE (Further Education) College library.  It’s spread over 3 floors and is a noisy, vibrant popular space with the students.  There is never a dull moment and we need to know everything about anything, provide support from paperclips to IT technical advice and no, we’re not the IT department!    My job is that of a Senior Librarian and I’m in charge of Desk Services.  The first point of contact when students and staff come in.  I manage procedures, complaints, noise levels, infractions and well, pretty much anything that crops up throughout the day.  The ability to think quickly on your feet and come up with solutions at the drop of a hat are essential.  A sense of humour, thick skin and a broad back are also essential tools of the trade.  I have a number of extra projects and responsibilities which include digital resources, reader development and current awareness.

So today I tweeted pretty much everything I did from the mundane to the rather exciting.  The mundane being normal routine everyday library things such as issuing and returning books, renewals, computer bookings, topping up print credits and resetting passwords, issuing laptops, netbooks and ipads, restocking paper in the printer and photocopiers, replacing ink cartridges in printers and toner in photocopiers.

The rather more exciting was

  • welcoming our work experience staff from Germany and Spain and showing them what we do.  They are going to be with us for a few weeks and are a welcome extra pair of hands.  They both seemed to enjoy their first day and are returning tomorrow.  Always a good sign!
  • receiving the exhibits for “Express Yourself” exhibition.  We will be hosting this exhibition for all of February and it is the last chance for everyone to see these wonderful exhibits all in one place.  It’s done a year long tour throughout Wales and after a few weeks here in Yale will be disbanded and all the exhibits returned to their owners.  I can’t wait to get it all unpacked and set up ready for Wednesday.  The logistics of where to place everything is already proving challenging!
  • received new banners and posters for our SMART Internet
    SMART banners promoting Internet Safety Awareness

    Safety Awareness week.  We’ve run this before and will continue to do so pretty frequently.  This year we have badges (made by my own fair hand) available, quizzes and a number of workshops for groups of students.  It’s an essential part of service we provide, making sure everyone stays safe online and to recognise the dangers and pitfalls of oversharing information online.

So that was today.  Tomorrow will throw up its own set of challenges.  Noteably, exhibition logistics, overdue reminders and the banning of students, and the location of the key for the cupboard where the Kindles are stored!  Join me 🙂


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