S366 Evolution – a new beginning

Look! Flamingoes! Lesser flamingoes (Phoenicopterus minor)

Finally in a position to get this honours part of my BSc degree done and dusted.  Started a course 18 months ago but various trials beset me so I had to cancel.  Anyway, hitting the dirt running with Evolution course.  Bit of a departure for me but hoping I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.  Only time will tell.

So, what does S366 involve?  Well here is the course description on the OU website.  I can’t improve on the OU explanation!  If you are ever looking to do an OU course I highly recommend reading student comments (if you’re lucky there are sometimes tutor comments too). These are from past students and give a good indication of the course and any problems.

bottom two come with the course, top two from library.

So far I have had course materials and a DVD with gorgeous flamingoes on the cover.  A book called “Evolution” which has an associated website which is really cool.  The companion text which is the course text and looks really well illustrated with colour plates. And a home kit comprising over 30 fossil casts of Brachiopods and measuring callipers oh and a magnifying lens.

Brachiopods: all the same but different

These look really interesting and will no doubt provide many hours of fun measuring the brachiopods and probably cats too.

So although the course doesn’t officially start until 4th Feb, I’m getting familiar with all the tools and making a start.  I have my pens ready, fresh notepad and oodles of enthusiasm.  Just finishing off blog posts, catching up with twitter, taking a few photos and I’m sure it’s nearly time for a cuppa and damn! it’s nearly lunchtime already!  Procrastination.  Love it 😉


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