Project 2012

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I haven’t made any New Year resolutions this year, and I’m not going to.  Made a load last year and didn’t stick to any of them.  Instead I have a number of “projects”.  Some of these are a continuation of things I did last year, some are a completion of things started some time ago and some are new, exciting and slightly scary!  So what are they?

  • Photography – continuation of taking a photograph everyday with flickr group 2012 Photo a day challenge.  Thinking about what I photograph with new group Friday Photos 2012, centred around a weekly theme and Elite Bugs. I’m hoping to improve my macro photography and skills in photographing things that scurry a lot.
  • Health and wellbeing – continuing with my exercising particularly running.  To lose the rest of the weight that needs to come off, decrease my HbA1C levels to normal, lower cholesterol even more and lower blood pressure.  To run more races.  My first is in March.
  • To finish what I started – namely my Honours degree.  My last course is imminent S366 Evolution.  All the stuff has arrived, still waiting for the Home kit of fossils (squeeeeeee).  Looking forward to completing it, then booking the awards ceremony.  Who’s free early 2013 for my graduation ceremony?
  • Learn something new – after reading an inspirational book by Michael Nobbs, I am now attempting a sketch a day and am recording it at my new blog Sketches from a Silk Purse.  The other new thing to learn is code.  This is the scary bit.  My mind doesn’t really work logically (well I don’t think it does) but loads of people I follow on Twitter are attempting it too.  We get an email a week and work through lessons at our own pace.  I’ve signed up to the website too which means I can look at the lessons in advance.  I’ve done a few and now I’m stuck.  So I’m going to have to go through them again and this time pay attention!
  • Have fun – self explanatory really.  Days out, weekends away, you  know the drill.

So there we have it.  2012 “Project Year”.


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