Thing 23 … So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehn, Adieu!

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My final post for CPD23 Things.  It’s been a struggle at times, frustrating but overall a great experience.  I’ve loved working through some of the things, frustrated at the lack of supportive technology at work and home which has meant some of the things just won’t work for me.  They’ve been put on a back burner until I can go back to them.

I’ve become a more prolific blogger and have really enjoyed the positive comments and feedback.  Which is always really encouraging. Commenting on other people’s blogs has got easier as the programme has advanced.

My favourite things have been to do with people’s library routes and roots, online identities, and taking part in the wider library community.

The worst things have been reflecting on careers, personal development and qualifications.  We have a very good personal development annual review system at work which is really useful and work are encouraging and for the most part supportive in personal plans and projects.  As part of my work PDP my plan was work towards Chartership.  So I had already worked through the things in Thing 21 and put together a PDP as part of my application to register, only to have it rejected.

It has also made me look back and have a real hard look at myself and what I exactly want to do.  I love being a Librarian, I love research, I hate crowd control, I hate the constant “discipline” I have to do and the fact I have no time to actually do the projects outlined in my PDP due to pressures of working the front desk.

The upshot of this is, I need to change something.  I’m not sure what or how at the moment but something needs to give.  I had been thinking about writing to present at conferences and this is still something I would like to do.  Unfortunately all I’m doing at the moment is thinking about it, generating ideas and ……. well that’s where it stops!

I think what I need to do is sit down and work out a Life Plan rather than a PDP.  Priorities change and sometimes life gets in the way.

The one thing CPD23 had given me is the confidence to know that actually, I can change and I have a lot of supporters cheering me along the way.

My 6 word story would be “Confidence grows from shared info collective”

Thank you and Goodnight 🙂


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