Thing 19: Reflections

Thing 19 is a chance to catch up, reflect on past posts and show how we are integrating the things into work or our professional development.

I’m going to come back to this later!

Update!  coming back to this I can see that I’ve found some of the things have been no use at all to me and others really useful, some in the middle.  I came to 23 things as a seasoned Tweeter with a fair online identity.  I also came fired up with enthusiasm for CPD.  I blog more, and I comment on blogs a lot more.  I love receiving comments on my own blog posts.  It’s very satisfying.  I’ve even set up a couple more blogs for personal and work use.

I explore googleplus but eventually found it just another social network too far and deleted it….. but I can always resurrect it should I feel it necessary to do so 😉

Evernote was the one thing I was never going to use, but felt a lot of the things used for presentations, such as Prezi, Jing and Podcasts would be integrated into our work Moodle pages giving a different medium through which to learn.  Unfortunately our technology at college needs to improve tenfold and, of course, we need to get permission before installing anything like these.

Working through the things has given me the confidence to get out there ie conferences, days out, seminars, library camps.  It’s given me a huge boost in furthering my career even though too much confidence led to a bitter disappointment.  My aim is to push through this and take part more in activities.  I dearly would love to present at conferences, workshops but at the moment I am so busy I fear this may take a while.

Integration of things assumes all systems are working in synchronous harmony.  When we achieve nirvana only then will I truly be able to say if things have integrated well.


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