Thing 17: Holy Flying Circles Batman!

Flying Circles from

Yep! Thing 17 is all about flying circles ….. well, not really but it’s all about presentation methods and alternatives to “Death by Powerpoint”.  Speaking as someone who has sat in a presentation where the speaker read out the powerpoint word for word and then gave us handouts which were the powerpoint, I welcome anything that is fresh and visually exciting.

First off we are introduced to the world of Prezi (cue flying circles and lots of zooming).  Well again, not if used correctly.  Again I have seen a number of Prezi presentations and some have been awful, giving one a sense of nausea and seasickness as words, circles etc zoom and fly around the screen at an alarming pace!  Used well, Prezi is stylish, fun and can be a real chance to be creative.  I particularly liked the examples used on the Thing 17 post.

As to creating a Prezi, err nope.  Never done one.  But I have signed up and had a look.  I need to sit and work out exactly what I’m doing before I start.  I also need to shake off this cold.  So I will be going back to Prezi in a few weeks when I feel I’m up to looking at flying circles.

Slideshare – I’ve not created anything worthy of sharing on Slideshare, although I have used it to find excellent examples of library information literacy and when courses I’ve attended have downloaded to it.  I very much like the example of the resume shown on Thing 17.  This is excellent “Virtual Resume” by Andrew Sommerfield.

I would love to create something like this instead of a long boring CV.  I think this is highly creative and would definitely leave a lasting impression on future employers.   Could it replace the paper CV?  I would love to think so as an accompaniment to an application form, a way of putting a bit of your personality into your application.

Definitely something to work on when it’s not so manic!


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