Thing 18: Gimme that Jing!

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This week’s thing is all about screen or video capture, podcasts and other wonderful stuff.

It involves a lot of downloading of software which unfortunately I can’t do at work and am loathe to do on my laptop either.  Mainly because the laptop is old, has a tiny hard drive and runs so slowly that it stops frequently.  So while I am unable to play with some of the tools I can see a huge benefit  in using them.

I decided to try screencast-o-matic.  I read the blog post recommended by cpd23.  Seems easy enough, just hit Start Recording.  Immediately a pop-up box appears, my Java is out of date and needs updating.  Hmmmm…… ok, let’s live life on the edge.  I hit upgrade java.  An hour later (told you my laptop was slow) Java is installed and upgraded.  So where was I?

Seems easy enough, just hit Start Recording.  Immediately a pop-up box appears, my Java is out of date ….. hang on, I’ve just upgraded it.  I do have the option to Run this Time, so I click on that.  After 15 minutes of different loading messages all being preceeded by the Java error box I gave up.

I can see the advantage of screen capture and would love to be able to create a video particularly as the college has just upgraded to Office 2010.  The biggest query we are getting at the moment is how do I print.  A screen capture video showing how to do this would be invaluable.  At work I use the old method of CTRL + ALT + PrtSc.  Works ok for me, paste to a Word document and annotate using drawing tools.  At home I use the same, although I am increasingly using AwesomeScreenshot which is a Chrome add-on.

This is very easy to use, gives the option of capturing the whole page or a selected portion.  You then have the option of annotating it.  When done, it can be downloaded to a bookmarking site, saved as a file or copied to notepad.

Podcasts are something I’ve not explored, but we have been asked about them in college as an information tool.  Some faculties are producing podcasts and uploading them to YouTube.  Again I can see the value in podcasts as a library information tool but for the moment, this will have to be put on a back burner until we can access the software either from work or in my case on a machine that runs faster than the speed of a hurtling tortoise.


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