Thing 14: where I find something that would have made my life a lot easier!

Remember the old days when we all wrote out our bibliographies by hand, annotated our essays, reports, assignments, projects etc.  Well yes, I still have the scars!

These days we have lovely tools aka software to help us.  Thing 14 is all about using referencing software Zotero, Mendeley and CiteULike.  I must admit to looking at RefWorks a few years ago and getting in a right pickle.  Maybe I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the pen and paper.  But these look more manageable.

I haven’t spent long looking at them as at the moment I don’t have a lot of time spare.  The one I think looks the most promising for me is Mendeley.  I’ve downloaded it, which took ages, but that’s a fault of my laptop not Mendeley.  I’ve had a scout around and all seems straightforward.  I’ll be using it more next year when I resume my Open University studies.


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