Thing 13 where we all get to share

Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox are the stars of Thing 13.

I have a Google Docs account and was introduced to using it as a collaborative tool earlier this year while studying for the “Application for ICT in Libraries” award.  We were put into groups and had to design a new web2.0 resource for either a Public, FE or HE library.  Using Google Docs we had to discuss what we wanted to do, ideas, strategy and design.  Everytime one of the group wrote to the document I received an email with the updated document.  When you are editing, Google docs will also let you know who is online and viewing the document at that moment, which I found very useful.  I used this to have instant conversations about the project in real time with other group members.  We also planned meetings within Google docs so we could discuss the project together and drink tea and eat cake 😉  I’ve also used it to share a document with one of my tutors on the course to get feedback before a final submission and I shall use it to submit stuff to my Chartership Mentor for comment.

I would love to use Google Docs at work, we all work together on different projects and this would be a great way to get work done as we often do not find the time to break away and have meetings.  This is currently “work in progress”.

Like a lot of people I set up a Dropbox account ages ago.  I have never used it but I will now.  A couple of weeks ago I mislaid my memory stick.  I used to have lots of memory sticks for different things then I decided it was too fiddly.  Bought myself a 4gb stick and transferred everything to that, then deleted everything off all the separate sticks. (still with me?)  All my OU, NVQ3 and ICTL stuff is on there as well as all my personal stuff.  Well! it happened, I mislaid it.  Searched high and low for it.  Tried not to get too panicky about it, but really was panicky.  IF I had put essential documents into Dropbox I wouldn’t have got myself in that mess.  Fortunately my ninja powers of deduction tracked the missing USB down and we are basking in our reunion.  I hadn’t realised that Dropbox could be used for sharing and collaborative work.  I shall definitely be exploring it further.

My experience of using wikis is limited to the “occasional” foray into wikipedia (purely for research reasons you understand) and the wiki for “Library Day in the Life” posts.  I have a pbworks account but have never used it to create my own wiki.  At the moment I have no idea why I would want to create my own wiki, but for the time being I know I can play with the mechanics and you never know, I might just find a reason for setting one up and inviting you all over to play too.


One thought on “Thing 13 where we all get to share

  1. Library quine

    Thanks for sharing how you collaborated in GoogleDocs. Not all the features you mentioned were obvious on my solo trials.

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