Thing 12 – Party time!!!!!

Thing 12 is Putting the social into social media.  When I first started with Twitter I actively sought out people with similar interests to mine, checked out who they followed and so on.  Then I followed a few librarians, they followed me back and the rest is history.  In the early days of twitter I knew a few of the people I followed but not many.  Then I took the plunge and attended a tweet up at Rockingham race track with my twitter #f1 and #btcc friends.  It was great to see all these people.  Then I started to meet up with some more of my twitter friends.  I’ve gone to the Hay Festival and various Mashed Library events.  I’ve had twitter friends visit from as far field as Australia and London! I’ve met up with other twitter friends too.  But what I really would like to be able to do is meet up with other cpd23 ers and other librarians local to me.  But this appears to be impossible. But why?  Is it time?  Is it distance?  Is it geographical area?  Meet ups were successfully arranged in South Wales, to which I would have loved to attend but public transport from North to South is horrendous.

So back to Social Media/Social Networking.  As a professional tool I am able to connect with people I would never otherwise have met, particularly in other sectors.  Being part of the CPD23 things has also led to “chance” meetings with other professionals and more discussions on blog posts and the linkedIn group.

One of the tasks for thing 12 was to add someone new. I’ve added a few persons new and looking forward to getting to know them.


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