Thing 11: “ahhh… grasshopper”

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Thing 11 is all about Mentoring.

I have never had a formal Mentor in any post I’ve held.  I’ve had a variety of people I’ve turned to for advice and for years my main source for bouncing ideas, advice etc was my Mum.  Sadly she is no longer around and I use my husband for informal chats and advice.  Depending on what I want I will, these days, throw the question out to twitter and lately googleplus or message some very good friends on twitter (you know who you are).

During one of my courses this year I did spend time with one of the tutors.  We had a long chat about experiences, jobs, careers and qualifications and this was invaluable in that I received positive feedback and some great advice.

I am about to embark on the search for a mentor to provide guidance and focus for Chartership.  I’m looking forward to working with a Mentor but not the process of finding one!


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