Thing 8 – synchronise diaries

Thing 8 is all about Google Calendar.  With this tool I can merge several diaries ie personal, work, training, events and so on.  I can share this with other people if I want to.  On the strength of this, this is a great tool.  Unfortunately I am very old fashioned when it comes to keeping a diary and have a Moleskine 18 month diary in which I keep note of everything I need work and personal related.

My colleagues don’t use online calendars either although the college is moving over to Office 2010 and is trying to encourage us all to use Outlook.  I shan’t be doing this as anything work need to know is put in the desk diary held on the front enquiry desk.  I keep this up to date with every thing that is going on, who’s on leave and who is attending training.  I have mentioned transferring this to an online calendar like Google calendar but this has been met with blank stares and total animosity!  Probably because I have forced them to use Google calendar for other purposes.

We currently use two Google calendars.  One for room and study area bookings and the other for netbook and ipad bookings.  All requests for these are supposed to be entered into Google calendar.  All have received training, but people still forget.  I’m rewriting the instructions and the procedure for these bookings but some of the team steadfastly refuse to use it.  Which leads to problems.  This is a shame because if used properly I could share the calendar with the rest of the college, so they could see when rooms were booked or if all the netbooks were out before making a phone call to us or coming down to see us.

Google calendar if used properly works well.  Having said all that though, I’m sticking to my Moleskine 😉


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