Thing 5 …. a chance to reflect

Thing 5 is all about  reflective practice.  I’ve done a fair amount of writing reflective pieces for various courses and although I seem to be OK with it, it never gets easier.

So far Things 1 – 4 have covered blogs, twitter, RSS feeds, pushnote and online presence.

Blogs I’m happy with, in fact I’m more comfortable writing posts after completing Thing 1.  I’ve resurrected my speciality blog on Buttons and have started yet another blog dedicated to my recent diagnosis of having Type2 diabetes and my journey with it.  My main blog, this one will still be a mixture of me, my life, work and sometimes the just plain weird.

Twitter I am a huge fan of and I doubt that I will be solely using it as a professional tool.  There are random professional aspects to it when I reply to and help others on there, but similarly a few “flamingo” posts will appear!  I joined twitter purely as a social network and finding new friends.  The fact that along the way I’ve built up a network of wonderful, supportive librarians is a bonus.  Will I change the way I use twitter?  Frankly no, in fact since #cpd23 started, googleplus has launched and there are loads of librarians on there.  I can see this becoming more of a professional networking tool, especially with the ability to “hangout”.  Having just passed the 10 million users mark it would appear to be far more robust than buzz and Wave.

Pushnote I have failed with.  I fail to see the point, I follow people on there and there is little traffic.  I am unable to use this at work so I shall not be continuing with it and shall be deleting my account.

When I first heard about RSS feeds I couldn’t work out what it was all about so I ignored them.  Months passed and I went on a course totally unrelated to RSS but they were mentioned and I was shown how you set it all up.  I set mine up with Google Reader mainly with feeds for use with my OU research project.  Thanks to #cpd23 I have gone back to it and done some updating.  I’ve added some #cpd23 blogs that I started to follow plus the bundle feed.  RSS is something I shall be working on setting up a current awareness system for the staff at college.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new things but most of all revisting existing things, updating them and making them better.


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