Thing 4: in which I think I might be addicted to Twitter!

This week’s thing 4 is all about Twitter, RSS and pushnote.  I’ve heard of the first two, never heard of the third!  But then I am here to learn.

Twitter – well what can I say about twitter.  It’s fun, engaging, a massive support network, great for crowdsourcing, surveys and a wealth of experience, ideas and networking … all in 140 characters.  I sent my first tweet in November 2008.  It was something daft like “Hi, just figuring out how to do this” and just went from there.  I started by posting a few posts and finding people to follow.  Local people, people with an interest in books and reading, librarians, f1, cats and the list is endless.  In those days it was great to get new followers however weird they seemed, it was fun.

And then it all took off, and grew, like Topsy.  The most fascinating aspect for me is the networking and sharing of ideas.  I was thinking about how to pull together our resources in the LRC and how to market them to an FE audience when @The_Librain tweeted about Netvibes.  I had a look and bingo, an idea formed, I set up a dummy netvibes to show the manager and it all took off.  Our netvibes page is the home page when using any of our mobile devices in the LRC.  I’m really grateful and always attribute its conception to twitter.

I use #hashtag searching a lot particularly with conferences as this is probably the only way I can attend and it a useful resource with which to keep up with current awareness in the profession.

I also manage the twitter feed for work, it has a small following at the moment but is gaining in popularity.

I can be found at @sarahgb although I do have a protected account, our work twitter is @yaleLRCNews

RSS feeds – Now for some reason I decided this was far too complicated for me to even consider looking into.  But then Thing 4 has persuaded me to look again.  I have looked before when I was studying an OU course and set up some feeds for research with Google Reader.  So I’ve gone back to that, tidied it up a bit and added the feeds recommended.  I just need to remember to look at it from time to time, although I do like that I can see what’s new without trawling through all the websites.  Very useful.  I’m about to research and devise a current awareness system for work for staff and I can see this playing a major part.

Pushnote – hmmm, never heard of this and after a few complications in the registration process managed eventually to get onto the site.  Not really sure what this is about … recommending websites?  Follow other people to see what they are recommending, comment on, but can’t you do that on Google Reader?  or am I getting confused again!  It only works with Firefox and Chrome at the moment so that narrows its usefulness down a lot in my book.  Plus even if we did have firefox at work, we certainly wouldn’t be able to download anything like Pushnote.  I have a feeling I’m going to walk away from this one, especially since anything of note is tweeted on twitter anyway.

For a fun look at twitter there is a great piece in G2 (guardian) today by @gracedent “100 Things about me and Twitter”.  The online version is here.


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