The ups and downs of life

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Well the thing (not cpd23 related!) I’ve been dreading has happened.  I have been diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes.  My Mum had it and the sense of inevitability that I would get it is weighing heavily on my shoulders.  What is particularly galling is that I’ve been weaning myself off HRT tablets which has changed my taste buds.  I no longer crave sweet things, food tends to taste too sickly and I have gone totally over to savoury stuff.  My diet isn’t that bad but I don’t exercise like I used to ie Dance classes 3 times a week.  I’ve even dropped a dress size since Christmas.  So I is well annoyed.

So after my rant and crying with the Dr, who is the best Dr in the world, I am most envious of her hair and funky haircut! I decided that “This thing will not get me down, it will not beat me like it did my Mum and I will not let it get to the medication stage”.

This means that starting tomorrow I will keep a diary of everything I eat, every question I need to ask the Nurse when I see her in a couple of weeks so I can say “Can I still eat this?”  I am also going to start a new blog charting my journey with diabetes and how I cope.  I’m pretty up with all the stuff you need to know because Mum used to drill it into us.  Ever since Mum was diagnosed I’ve always checked ingredients for sugar levels, fat levels and salt levels.  I find the worst thing is feeling hungry at times when it is not convenient to eat so I need to find a happy medium and something that will fill me up.  I also need to be able to eat more often so work will need to be a bit more understanding about me taking breaks.

I also need to lose weight, a lot of weight and get my cholestorol levels down.  I’ve been told that I have the next 3 months to turn this around and get the blood sugar in control, I’ll be backwards and forwards at the Doctors with constant monitoring and blood tests to check how it is all doing.  If all is well then I should be able to maintain that without getting into the whole medication thing.   Fingers crossed.

The next step  is to sort out an exercise regime that I enjoy and will stick to.  Shame there are no adult dance classes where I am.  The worst thing is thinking up a blog name for the new blog!  I’ll let you all know how I’m getting on!

That was the down side, the up side is I was awarded the Professional Development Award for Application of ICT in Libraries this morning.  It’s a course I have been studying and working towards since last September and I got really high marks for most of the assignments.  Well, 15 assignments out of 18 were 100%.  So I am dead pleased with myself.   The website for the qualification is although this doesn’t include two new units on Digital Online: Communication and Digital Online: Collaboration.  You’ll need to contact an Approved Centre for more info.

Update!  New Blog will be called #nocake.  Thanks @smilylibrarian for the brilliant suggestion 😉

Update, Update!  couldn’t have #nocake so blog now called nocakeforsarah


One thought on “The ups and downs of life

  1. Katy Wrathall

    Well done and many congratulations on the award, you certainly deserve it.
    As for the other thing, of everybody I know you are one of the most determined so I don’t think it stands much chance. Look forward to reading about your successes.

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