Thing 1 – Here we go ….

I recently signed up to a 16 week 23 Things for Professional Development course after an invitation to join from @joeyanne.   I have just completed an Advanced Diploma in ICT for Libraries and a section of that was how to use ICT for Professional Development so working through the 23 Things seemed a great opportunity to continue.

I’m most looking forward to

  • Thing 3 – Consider your personal brand,
  • Thing 4 – RSS feeds – I still haven’t managed to figure these out and I’m supposed to be a techie geek!
  • Things 11 and 12 in Week 7 – Librarianship training options
  • Things 16 and 17 in Week 11 Getting involved

The Thing I am not looking forward to is Thing 5 – Reflective Practice.  I hate writing reflective accounts!

Really liking the variety of people taking part and look forward to reading some of their blog posts and hopefully meeting some of them at future conferences especially mashed library events where there will be cake 🙂

Especially looking forward to lots of help and guidance, interaction between all us cpd23ers and sharing of ideas.

I’m an inconsistent blogger, but can be found on Twitter everyday as @sarahgb.


3 thoughts on “Thing 1 – Here we go ….

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  2. Hi Sarah, I’m taking part in #cpd23 too. Reflective writing is one of the things I’m hoping to improve over the course of the programme, as I’m pretty bad at it now! (I’m also the person writing the blog post for Thing 4 so I hope I live up to expectations!)

  3. Hiya 🙂 it’s so good to hear what others are looking forward to, or indeed dreading about #cpd23. I get what you mean about reflective practice, i tend to like the idea of it rather more than the practice!
    I look forward to hearing/seeing your views over the next 15 weeks 🙂

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