You know, the stuff they cram magazines with these days.  Essential marketing ploys to get you to buy stuff you don’t need but feel you can’t do without.

I buy Red magazine every month.  Have done since it’s inception.  Before that I bought Cosmo, before that, She.  I liked She magazine, but not when they changed the size to conform with everyone else.  That oversized magazine was great.  I keep changing because, they all start out trendy, great articles, then as the contributors grow up, the content inevitably leads to baby stuff.  I’m just not interested in reading about baby or even toddler or even children stuff.  Which is how I ended up with Red.

Unfortunately the odd article slips in occasionally but since there is no other magazine that tempts me, I forgive it and turn a blind eye.  Especially as Red magazine IMHO has the best giveaways.  Nearly all of my shopping bags and work carrier bags are Red giveaways.  I’m a little bit obsessive about giveaway bags in magazines and will buy one specifically to get the bag.  But I digress.

Bumph!  the bits of card, catalogues, free makeup etc that are inserted about the pages.  Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes there is a good bunch of stuff.

This month’s magazine (well March really) has mini clothes catalogues for Great Plains of London.  Nice clothes.  Let’s check the sizing. Hmmm XS to XL.  Now being of above average sizing I would consider XL to fit, nope!  Oh well, on to the next one, Crew Clothing Co. errrr nope, same problem.  Oh well.

Next up, a mini recipe book “Many faces of Potatoes” – some of them look interesting and might even have a go with Chicken and Paprika Potatoes.

2 sachets of foundation and an extremely useful sachet of Sanex moisturising shower gel.

The big giveaway is a £25 gift card to spend at Hobbs.  There are so many exclusions on the use of this that it’s almost worthless.  It’s quite a thick plastic card and these actually make good emergency ice scrapers for windscreens ;D



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