Hope springs eternal

Watching “Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein” gives me hope that despite the death and destruction in the garden at the moment after a hard few months and devastating storms these past few days: that once again, soon, it will look brilliant.

Lots of preparation seems to be the key and I plan to have lots of colourful blooms in our front patio boxes to welcome visitors and passers by.

I love how some of our neighbours from “down the village” stop and comment on the garden as it is so small at the front but I try to pack lots of colour into it.

This year I am planning to give the one bit of front border a complete overhaul.  When I first dug it over and planted, I covered it with beach pebbles which are a bit bigger than I wanted to use.  Over the years they have bedded down and the plants now find it hard to break through.  So they will have to come up and be used elsewhere.  Needs digging over and aerating, replanting and recovering, but probably with something a bit more organic. 

I hope to replant with lots of Penstemons as these have finally given up the ghost after many years of long lasting blooms.  I have a number of tiny daffodils self seeding themselves along with some crocosmia type plant.  And of course the snowdrops.

I would love to plant varieties of Lavender, but it’s just not hardy enough to cope with winter temperatures of -22 which hit us this year.  It’s quite an exposed bit of the garden.  The geraniums need cutting back and taming, and the alchemilla mollis also needs cutting back.  I plan to replant with lots of plants which provide lots of nectar for the bees and butterflies, and other insects of course.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the best way to garden is lots of perenniels and rather shied away from annuals.  Well I think the time has come to dust off the propagator and get sowing.

When we first moved in, I had grand ideas about planting up the bit of land we have opposite with lots of continually flowering plants to provide flowers in the house … I had been watching Sarah Raven on TV and have her books.  Sadly this never happened as the scale of it was too much, but with the patio boxes I can have my own miniature Sarah Barker garden!


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