As you know I have two gorgeous cats, Alfie and Emmy.  The past couple of weeks has been quite stressful, what with the bathroom refurbishment and the new windows going in.  There has been lots of upheaval with moving furniture around and the emptying of two lofts.

Alfie has not enjoyed the experience at all.  He’s spent most of the day hiding under the spare room bed.  His feeding pattern and appetite are all over the place too.  He is rather cuddly and friendly when I get home though and I try to make sure he gets lots of cuddles and quiet when I’m home.

Emmy, on the other hand, has been in her element.  All these new people to entice into tummy rubs; helping Brendan the plumber get in the cupboard to turn the water off; helping Brendan get the bath just so; and generally helping everyone who will talk to her.  Although she also has an “out of kilter” feeding pattern.  Oh well, they’ll adjust back one day!

Emmy has set places she likes to sleep and at certain times of the day.  In the afternoon she likes to sleep in her cat bed.  Highly unusual, I know, but it has taken her two years nearly!  In the evening after tea she enjoys sleeping on a furry blanket on the chair in the corner.  Today R. has been moving loads of stuff around to accommodate the window fitters, so that chair is filled with coats.  In particular, my “Duvet” coat.  This is so warm it has to be minus 20 minimum before I can wear it!  Emmy doesn’t care though, if she can climb onto it, she will endeavour to sleep where she wants.

By Friday I really hope both bathroom and windows and doors are finished.  We can then start a major spring clean and then we might all get back to our normal rhythms and patterns … just before we start to redecorate 😉


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