coming together

After months of waiting, the new windows have started to be fitted.  We are replacing every window in the house (bar the kitchen which was done a few years ago) and the front and back door.  We are replacing 1970s timber windows and Everest secondary glazing with white UPVC double glazed windows.

I know that UPVC has enemies, but in this part of the world with long months of dark, damp, cold days, there is no other option for ease of maintenance.  Plus it’s a lot cheaper than buying double glazed timber windows.  The first lot are in and immediately lift the house.  They also enhance the stripped timber window sills especially in the bedroom.

In total there will be 17 new windows and 2 new doors.  I’m hoping to feel a real difference in temperature by the weekend as the draughts are cut off one by one.

Bathroom update:  should have been finished today, but fitter called away to emergency.  Fingers crossed, will all be done tomorrow.  The light fittings got fitted though …


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