The cheque for the insurance claim finally cleared Friday.  Paid the balance due on the car I am buying to replace the departed Citroen and this morning arranged with the garage that they will deliver the car to College on Monday morning.  They were going to arrive at 8.30am, but I persuaded them that they probably would be better off a bit later.  That way they wouldn’t get mixed up with all the students dragging themselves to the perimeter to have a fag.  The only problem for me at that time of the morning is finding a car parking space for the car.  Oh well, guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

And while musing on the fact that on Monday I shall be going to work on the bus and coming home in a new car, I also thought, actually, I shall be coming home to a new bathroom.  Yes! it should all be finished, plumbed in and tiled and “fingers crossed”, a flushing toilet.  Can’t wait.  We’ve just got to finish off the painting and the floor.  Now that we’ll have a car, that will be sooner rather than later.

And while musing on the fact that I can have a shower, or a bath and use a flushing toilet on Monday I also remembered that the new windows are being replaced starting Monday.  We are having all our windows replaced bar 2 and a new front and back door.  The first window they are replacing is the bathroom window so the bathroom fitter can finish off around the window area. The rest of the first floor back windows will also be replaced on Monday.

So in effect I will leave the house on Monday with no car, no bathroom and a house full of rotting windows with crap secondary double glazing, and return with a bag of riches.

Life is wonderful …. sometimes!


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