Library Day in the Life: Wednesday

7.38am Bus journey, read half of “Gold” by Dan Rhodes.  Good Fun.

8.30am In work

9.00am – 12.00 OMG can I go home please.  Constant breakdowns of LMS (Library Management System), college IT network, Internet Servers and of course the wifi.  And more problems with our flaky colour printer.  Very busy trying to sort everyone’s problems plus print posters and flyers for reading challenge launch tomorrow.  Charge iPads for tomorrow’s Fancy That event.

12.00 – 12.30pm LUNCH Post office to post documents re: car insurance claim.  Dropped into Cafe Verde in Wrexham to get a “help yourself” salad.  Gorgeous, had extra black olives, yum.

12.30pm – 4.30pm Same as the morning.  Constant technical failures causing aggravation.  Some netbooks will work, some won’t.  Confirmed venue for Reading Challenge Launch.  Confirmed refreshments.

4.35pm Two students spotted posters and came to see me to sign up to the Reading Challenge as can’t make it to the Launch.  Really pleased.

4.40pm Finished work and ambled over to the bus station.

4.45pm – 5.35pm waited for bus in freezing bus station reading 2nd half of book started this morning.

5.35pm – 6.30pm on bus and finished book.  Hurrah!

Have now thawed out after copious cups of tea and a gorgeous Chilli and Rice made by my husband.

Summary of today:  crap with a bit of sunshine at the end!


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