Library Day in the Life 6: Tuesday

Taking part in #libday6 where Librarians blog about what they do to give an insight into the profession across all Libraries and Information Services.  Are you a Librarian?  Want to tell us what you do, go to Library Day in the Life and sign up.


A little lie-in this morning before catching the mid morning bus as am working the late shift tonight.

Today, I tried to tweet my day.  Unfortunately it is so busy at the desk that everytime I tried to tweet I got disturbed by a student!

I did try to periodically tweet with a summation of what I had done. But basically today was pretty much the same as yesterday, with a few more book orders taken and a couple of ILLs supplied.

The evening shift brings a whole different set of people and queries notably the setting up of Athens accounts and searching for journal articles.  Looking for books on recommended reading lists and booking of viewing rooms.

The last hour of the evening saw me trawling the internet, papers and articles on the best authors be they British, Welsh, Irish or Scottish in preparation for the Reading Group challenge on Thursday.

7.00pm and I’m on the way to the Bus Station to catch the bus home.


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